Monday, October 8, 2007



This may possibly be the shortest and most ambiguous post I have written yet, and for good reason; everybody is going to have to make their own decisions about this movie.
For comic book fans, this movie was better than the first, with better action, better story and overall better style. However, on its own it is only mediocre.
I enjoyed it because it had been recommended to me solely because it WAS better than the first installment, and to be perfectly honest, the first one was incredibly unsatisfying. I didn't want my impression of the first movie to represent what I thought of Marvel Comics movies.
I like the fantastic four, I grew up with marvel comics, and i enjoyed this movie.
This is not to say that renting this movie for anything but mindless entertainment is going to bring you the same result. So.
Garner what you will from this muddled review. I'm not quite clear on this movie myself. I only recommend it because when the end titles rolled I felt like it had done a decent job with the material it was given.

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Daducha said...

Yeah I think you just have to add me in your links and then that should be counted as one authority in technorati. Although I think it takes a while before you can see it. Regarding this post, I think one can appreciate this movie by watching it in a moviehouse rather than in a DVD because the sound and animation effects are much better and will add to one's enjoyment. I watched this movie with my six year old son and he was the one who really had a great time with it.