Monday, October 8, 2007

Pick of The Week 10/8/07


I was a little skeptical about this movie the first couple of minutes into it, but I held true and trusted that I picked a good one at the video store. So when you rent this, give it some room to breath and stretch out to its full potential before passing any cinematic judgment.
I'M REED FISH is actually written by a man named Reed Fish, in what I can only assume is a part of his life's story, which is very interesting to consider when watching certain parts of the film.
Reed Fish (played by Jay Baruchel, of Million Dollar Baby and winner of the best actor award for this movie) is a small town disc jockey and a local landmark in the town of Mud Meadows. He has a beautiful fiance (Alexis Bledel, of Sin City), loving in-laws, a supporting community and a fulfilled life in its own small way. The trouble is, he isn't really happy. So, when his old crush Jill (Schuyler Fisk) comes back to Mud Meadows for the summer, his seemingly perfect life is given the chance to become what Fish has always wanted it to be. His own.
Co-starring DJ Qualls (The New Guy) as his best friend, this movie is filled with laughter, sorrow and some good music, and despite being slightly unorthodox, is a fantastic screenplay.
Well worth watching if your in the mood for something genuine from the heart that will make you laugh as easily as it will make you identify with the film scenarios.

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