Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Writing about this movie might be a little after the fact, since most viewers already have their own opinions about Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, but the second installment of GRINDHOUSE is coming to DVD this month, so I think it's pertinent.
This movie was over the top, gory, violent and highly sexual, and you know what? It was a wonderful revival piece. I personally enjoy watching movies like Evil Dead when the mood is right, and Planet Terror is of that same genre. Well, of Army of Darkness anyway.
Planet Terror chronicles the aftermath of the release of a bio-weapon which turns affected victims into zombies and the group of survivors intent on survival. Corny, to be sure, but all the better because it was written for that purpose only. Planet Terror took the B-movie genre into Hollywood, not the first to do so I'm sure, but nevertheless an entertaining movie in light of recent cinema choices.
The better half of the dual feature in my mind, Planet Terror is without a doubt a mood movie, but when you get the mood it really hits the spot.

Starring Frederick Rodriguez, Rose McGowan and Bruce Willis. Written and Directed by Robert Rodriguez.

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