Friday, October 12, 2007


"Love is always worth another shot."

This is going to be another one of those movies where 80% of people are not going to like this at all, 15% of people are not going to have any particular feelings either way, and 5% of people (like me) are going to enjoy it.
Ben Kingsley's deadpan delivery is killer, only to be surpassed when Tea Leoni's is in the scene with him. I haven't seen a solid dark humor comedy in a long time, and I think I was overdue.
This film is about an alcoholic hit man who moves to San Fransisco, trying to stay on the wagon, and not kill anyone in the process. But what he wasn't counting on was the support of a newfound community and the possible love of a wonderful woman that might just complement his personality perfectly. Shot throughout with sporadic action, an interesting musical score (maybe some sort of string instrument) which made it almost soprano-like in a lighter way, and some great lines really made this movie a joy to watch. I picked it off the shelf simply because someone had reviewed it as being "an uproarious instant classic" (or something to that degree). Maybe this kind of selection process will work for you too.
Released in 2007, co-starring Bill Pullmand, Luke Wilson and Dennis Farina. Directed by John Dahl.

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