Monday, October 1, 2007

Weeknight Classic Movies: Part 1


There is a major trend, or lack thereof, that I have come across. A descent percentage of the movie watching population knows or has seen at least ONE Mel Brook’s film, probably Robin Hood; Men in Tights for the younger crowd or maybe Young Frankenstein for anybody else, but when I say the name Billy Wilder to someone, a look of utter incomprehension crosses their faces. Why is this?
Movies like Some Like It Hot, The Apartment, and Irma La Douce are classics, although most movies with Jack Lemmon in them are. Why have so few people heard of them? Maybe I’m not asking the right people, but I seriously urge anyone interested in well made movies that are solid and secure in their value to go out and rent one or all of these. Their perfect for a weeknight, or a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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