Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Movie That Will Never Fade


This movie is the essence of a 'feel good movie'. It has romance, it has humor, it even has a little action here and there, although nothing gets blown up or demolished, and most importantly; it will never get old.
What's more, this movie is honest. Honesty plays a big part in my movie selections for the simple reason that if a movie cannot be honest about aspects of life that are indeed fit for the screen, then a movie has no reason to be honest with anything else. Without honesty, all genres would eventually require leaps of faith to watch. There would be no grounding anymore.
Moving back to the film, this movie is the chronicle of two young people, played by Robert Redford and Jane Fonda, newlywed and beginning a new portion of their lives. What follows is not so straight forward. Life isn't what they expected; it has surprises that neither of the them could have predicted; like having to sleep in a twin size bed together. Coupled with a varied and hilarious community of supporting actors and actresses, this movie presents a close perception of what love could truly mean between two people, and that in itself brings hope to its viewers.

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