Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Kevin Kline at his best


Grand hand gestures, a stellar supporting cast including Matt Dillon, Joan Cusack and Peter Selleck, and an upbeat soundtrack give this movie it's heart and soul. Kevin Kline plays a quiet town English Literature teacher happily engaged, upstanding member of the community and an all around decent human being. "Of course the guy thinks your gay!"
When a former student of Kline's turned movie star declares at the Oscar's that Kline's character Howard is gay, everything takes a turn for the twilight zone, and maybe for the better. Throw a bicycle, a wedding junkie for a mother, and an anchorman intent on getting the whole juicy story into the mix and out comes one of Kevin Kline's best films. This, and I Love You To Death, but thats for another day.
Sincerely heartfelt and cleverly devised, IN & OUT delivers a standing invitation to all of us who have trouble being honest with the ones we love, and even with the ones we don't.

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