Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Second PIck of The Week 10/4/07


This week, I am going to share one of my many cinematic guilty pleasures in a special second Pick of the Week. I just couldn't hold back. I love this movie.
Everybody say Samuel L. Jackson in formal Scottish attire, wielding a golf club in downtown London. Add to it Robert Carlyle in his usual persona as a fast talking British gangster, random soccer hooligans, Rhys Ifans as a Hyped up drug dealer, and Emily Mortimer as the hired gun protecting Jackson and Carlyle. Oh, and don't forget Meat Loaf as The Lizard. What do you have? An awesome movie, that's what!
Jackson plays Elmo McElroy, a chemist on the brink of a once in a lifetime score, and doing it all dressed in plaid. Aided with an attitude by Felix DeSouza (Carlyle) they criss-cross London from the docks to a football (soccer) stadium, hoping to make the deal and live long enough to enjoy their success. They even manage to drive an original mini cooper in the process.
Filled to the brim with action, double-crosses and a mean golf swing, this movie has something for everyone who likes their action with a splash of humor but can never seem to find it.
It's like watching Shaft in a kilt!
There's nothing more to say except; Go Rent This.

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Anonymous said...

off the HOOK!!!!( i mean the movie) :P.. i am sad tho that i dnt see anymoveis with making babies ( maybe cuz i havnt checked).. and i am also sad that you of all pple didnt send me a wall post to inform me about your new blog..tsk tsk harrison.. what happen to those days we shared as neighbours?