Tuesday, October 2, 2007

PIck of The Week 10/2/07


I know that selecting this movie for the pick of the week might seem sacrilegious to some, those of you who revere the classic television series, but i feel that the new full feature version should be given a chance. So rarely is a remake, especially from TV to film, given this much polish and attention by it's director and production teams, especially not in the action/cops/drug ring genre, where a good car chase and the hero vanquishing the villain with the rescued maiden behind usually gets the job done for a blockbuster.
Quick, sleek dialogue, solid action, a great cast and a few well selected edges of dry humor fill out the picture, coupled with introspective character relationships and consistent personality portrayal for each character makes this movie a must see for anyone in the mood to see the Good Guys beating the Bad Guys with a stylish 90's twist.

Starring Claire Danes, Omar Epps and Giovanni Ribisi.
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