Monday, October 1, 2007

The Greatest Movie Year After Year


One of the few movies I have seen that represents almost every genre of film out there, this movie is so well crafted that it became a family tradition to watch it every Christmas without fail, all encompassed by a story that fills the heart with contentment and stirs the adventurous spirit in its viewers.
Written and directed by Blake Edwards, mastermind behind The Pink Panther movies, The Great Race stars Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood and Peter Faulk.
The story of an early 20th century car race, a newspaper woman who is the only female driver, and an evil nemesis with a soft side and his sidekick, coupled with great scenery and a fantastic set of destinations, some real and some not, all add up to a great laugh. This film is without a doubt a landmark in comedy, and having been made in 1965 produces quality and intelligent wit that has been missing since. i know that i highly recommend almost all the movies on this blog, but this film is indisputably worthwhile.

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